Creation of the Earlobe, Sculpting of the Tragus, Deepening of the Conchal Bowl

Length of Surgery: Approx. 1 hr.
Length of Hospital Stay: Goes home the same day

This procedure consists of creating the earlobe, otherwise known as “transposition of the lobule”, sculpting of the tragus (the bump in front of the ear canal) and formation of the conchal bowl.

An incision is made both in front and behind the skin vestige as shown to the right. The skin vestige is then rotated into place and spliced to the cartilaginous framework that was sculpted during the first surgical stage.

A full-thickness skin graft is obtained and the conchal bowl is deepened. Once the conchal bowl on the microtic ear is deepened, the skin graft is placed to line the raw conchal tissue. The ear now has the appearance of having an external auditory canal. A bolster is placed over the conchal area and an ear dressing is placed over both ears. Sutures are placed and antibiotic ointment is applied.

Approximately 2 months after this stage the final procedure is performed which consists of elevation of the new ear from the side of the head.

Post-operative Instructions:

  • Ear dressing placed for 3 days.
  • Sutures removed two weeks after surgery.
  • The hair may be washed a few days after surgery.
  • Our out-of-town patients may have their doctor remove the sutures.
  • The next stage is performed in two months.
  • Child goes home the same day (outpatient).
  • Most patients do not need pain medications.